Letter from the Committee Director

Garvit Zalani
Garvit Zalani

Committee Director


“The Future depends on what you do today.”

As Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, the future is yours for the taking and you are the forbearers in scripting it. The committee, Academi International is set in the year 2020 and is a continuous crisis committee. The agenda of this committee appropriately combines the elements of spontaneous thinking and advanced crisis simulations. Set in the year of 2020, a year that has influenced the global geopolitical paradigm to such a great extent that such scenario was last seen in 1940.

I, Garvit Zalani, would like to welcome you to the third iteration of Shishukunj MUN as the Committee Director for the Academi International 2020. A little about myself- I am absorbed by the dynamics of Indian politics and have been blogging on the same. I have deep interest for world economics and debating. Among other things I am a state level skater, a Hollywood aficionado and comic geek. Having attended Model United Nations conferences at national and international levels, I can assure you that this committee will not be your average run-of-the-mill crisis committee but promises an exciting endeavour in scripting your own future.

On this note, I welcome you to Shishukunj Model United Nations Conference 2017.

May the force be with you!

Garvit Zalani
Committee Director
Academi International 2020

Organ Description

In 2018, there was a merger of all previously independent Private Military Contractors and it brought them under a single corporate structure of Academi International. Companies like Tidewater Global Services, Triple Canopy and Constellis have been merged in Academi International to form the biggest service provider of military contractors and defence machinery. This committee will consider the tactical components of a modern-day military campaign from the unique perspective of a private corporation very much susceptible to the leverage of public opinion on its operations.

The Board of Directors of Academi International is being convened to discuss the future course of actions in relation with the Syria campaign, one of the biggest projects in the company’s history. The company has to function in such a way as to incorporate maximum profitability and minimum casualty. Living in the future packed with high octane action and volatility, the decisions this Board of Directors take will create the path towards a new future of the Middle East and this world.

Agenda: Operation Tigris Liberation

The year is 2020. After the President of the United States of America, President Trump, withdrew all American Armed forces from the war-strewn battlefield of Syria amidst high anti-interventionist support from the lawmakers as well as the American public, the contract of preserving American interests in the area has been given to Academi International. Academi International faces the enormity of handling the most difficult project in its history.

Syria has become a battleground of a variety of multiethnic forces and we have to ensure that the banner of the United States flies highest. Academi International faces the threat of a much powerful ISIS while simultaneously battling the Assad regime on one front and the rebels on the other. Also it faces stiff international pressure from major world powers. The responsibility of this entire campaign now lies on the shoulders of the Academi International which has to ensure that it is able to succeed in this campaign by optimizing maximum profitability. Neither there can be shortcomings nor there is any space for error for the actions of the Academi International will influence the future of the world.

Note: This is an application-only continual crisis committee.

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