Letter from the Committee Director

Abhimanyu Sethia
Abhimanyu Sethia

Committee Director

Dear Delegates,

Welcome to the Shishukunj MUN 2017! My name is Abhimanyu Sethia and I am super excited to serve as your chairperson for the Austro-Hungarian Empire Emergency Meet, 1914 which will be discussing the July Crisis. Last year, I lead the NATO but this year, I am looking forward to jump into the interesting geopolitics of the pre World War Europe.

A little bit about myself; I am a 11th grader with special interests in world history and mathematics. For me, MUNs have played a very important part in arousing interest in debate and diplomacy. I enjoy doing historic crisis committees as it gives an individual an amazing opportunity to revisit history and see how the history of a country can be seen in the current social and political environment of the country. Outside MUN, you can find me reading Archer novels or Calvin and Hobbes comic strips. I also have been actively blogging for the past couple of years and enjoy writing about my experiences. I would love to share a bond beyond committee with all of you.

Talking about the committee, I along with a group of dedicated individuals have been working very hard to make sure that you fully get to experience the excitement of the geopolitical environment in Europe in the July of 1914. The death of Archduke Ferdinand, the heir presumptive of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, has raised many questions in the 20th Century Europe. In this volatile situation, there lies the responsibility of preventing War while maintaining the integrity and greatness of the Empire, on each one of you. In case you happen to be a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Emergency Meet, you are to be faced by an extremely competitive and nerve rattling environment, which would keep you on your toes. Make sure you furnish your German pronunciation a bit and get ready for diplomacy.

I can’t wait to see you all this July (no pun intended)! In case of any queries, feel free to shoot me an email at aheem@shishukunjmun.com.


Abhimanyu Sethia
Committee Director
Austro-Hungarian Empire Emergency Meet, 1914

Organ Description

The Austro Hungarian Empire Emergency Meet is being summoned to discuss the national emergency of the death of Archduke Ferdinand and the reaction of the Austria-Hungary towards the assassination. The committee must consist of the Cabinet members, which are ministers and the prime minister, along with German representatives to give a feel of the influence of Germany on the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The committee is going to function as a joint crisis committee along with the Serbo Russian War Cabinet, which means that a decision taken by one of these committees would be reported in the other as a crisis and would direct the debate. Moreover, other updates, which are not directly decisions of either committee, might also greatly influence debate.

We will be functioning in real time, which means that the committee would have moved much forward through the duration of the conference. In order to make the simulation even more realistic, the Joint crisis simulation would be having a provision of crisis notes, which allows you to carry out any covert actions that lie under your portfolio.

Agenda: July Crisis, 1914

After the mysterious death of the Archduke Ferdinand, speculations about the involvement of the Serbian Black Hand have brought the cabinet of the mighty Empire along with their German counterparts together to deal with an international emergency. The nerve-racking turn of events in the pre World War period bring about an interesting situation where the Austria-Hungary and Serbia are at each other’s throats. The 1914 Europe is in a volatile situation where each side of the conflict is trying to earn international support. In such a situation, the Austro Hungarian cabinet lies divided on the question of how the mighty empire must react to the Serbian aggression. Moreover, there is an overlying responsibility on the members of the cabinet to cleverly, get into ambit the other European countries, who are sitting on the wall on the conflict, in order to gain international support over Serbia while not causing much of a dent on the National Treasury.

Note: This is an application-only continual crisis committee.

Download: Background Guide

Download: Sample Crisis Note