Letter from the Chairperson

Pious Khemka
Pious Khemka


Dear Delegates,

My name is Pious Khemka and it is with great pleasure that I welcome you, on behalf of the UNSC chairing team, to the Shishukunj MUN 2017.

As your Chairperson, I will do my best to ensure that the views of all delegates are heard and respected. UNSC is a dynamic committee responsible for maintaining peace and security in this powerhungry and fierce world. The best part about being a UNSC delegate is that you get the opportunity to create resolutions that are actually binding. Most of the actual UNSC work is done behind closed doors and the final resolution passed is simply a public declaration of decisions already taken by member countries during informal sessions. I expect each delegate to come to the conference with a thorough understanding of his or her country’s positions and a willingness to forge agreements. Be assured that the agenda for this year’s committee - Escalating Tensions in South Asia Region, will surely make you think wise and twice.

Now for a little bit about myself, I am a 12th grader pursuing commerce and like any normal teenager, have no idea what to do in future. My four year association with MUNs has made me believe in the power of the African Principle of ‘Ubuntu.’ Curious? Google it. I am also a huge fan of sci-fi movies and TV series, and if you don’t find me watching something with my headphones on then I am most likely blogging or exploring the depths of classics.

I look forward to meeting each one of you, debating on critical issues, and most importantly, have plenty of fun doing so! Questions will be entertained at unsc@shishukunjmun.com.

Thank you!

Pious Khemka
United Nations Security Council

Organ Description

The Security Council is one of the principal organs of the United nations tasked with maintaining international peace and security under the UN charter. It consists of five permanent and ten non-permanent members. It is the only organ of the UN that has the power to pass binding resolutions. It can impose sanctions on countries in violation of international law. The security council can also authorize military action for maintenance of peace and all member states are bound by the UN charter to provide armed forces, aid, and facilities, including rights of passage when the security council calls for it. It recommends the appointment of secretary general of the UN. Together with the UN general assembly it recommends the admission of new members and elects the judges of International Court of Justice. To make any amendment to the UN charter the consent of the five permanent members of the UNSC is required.

Agenda: Escalating Tensions in South Asia

Many people believe that the third world war will be fought in Asia and that too between India, China and Pakistan, three nuclear nations. The geopolitical scenario in South Asia is a highly tense and perturbing one. And in the centre of this political conundrum is the beautiful valley of Kashmir parts of which are claimed by India, Pakistan and China. Apart from Kashmir, India and China also have contentions regarding Arunachal Pradesh and Tibet. India has alleged Pakistan of supporting and funding extremist activities in India specially in Kashmir region which has led to considerable souring of relations. Meanwhile the bilateral relations between China and Pakistan is also a source of constant worry for India. So far there have been three Indo-Pak wars with many people predicting a fourth after the recent surgical strikes. There have been two wars fought between India and China. Various attempts at lasting peace between the three states have failed and the international community is disconcerted by the escalating tensions between the three nuclear nations.

Note: The United Nations Security Council is a double delegation committee. Allocations to this committee will only be made in pairs.

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