Three years have passed since the Shishukunj International School launched itself into the domain of Model United Nations, and it has never looked back. The conference is known for its versatile committees, quality of debate and well-managed logistics. The 2015 and 2016 conferences set benchmarks for the Model UN conferences in India. This year, the Shishukunj MUN, featuring 9 diverse committees and about 500 delegates, brings forward a great weekend from July 20th to July 22nd 2017 in the form of what will be known as the best Shishukunj MUN yet.

The Shishukunj MUN serves as an excellent platform for students around the world to indulge in extensive debate and heated discussion. At this three-day conference, delegates would be able to gain insight into the workings of the United Nations by assuming the roles of UN representatives and members of other international and national bodies. To serve this purpose, committees at the Shishukunj MUN range from the hallmark General Assembly Committees to the newer regional bodies and the fast-paced crisis simulations. The goal of the Shishukunj MUN is to instill the zeal in delegates to come up with constructive solutions to problems not just concerning their surroundings, but the entire world. With an ardent staff, we at the Shishukunj MUN strive to make this conference an intellectually enriching, culturally hagiographic and enthralling experience for everyone!

An Efficient Team Makes for Success

At the heart of the conference lies an enthusiastic staff. The staff of the Shishukunj MUN 2017 has been selected with great care so as to include the most passionate and hardworking team members. Each study guide is being intricately crafted to serve the purpose of the respective committees. The executive boards and the secretariat pledge to provide a wholesome learning experience to all delegates, representatives and journalists.

A Phenomenal Experience

It is our strong belief that the Shishukunj MUN is more than just a Model United Nations Conference. Apart from hosting enriching committee sessions, we are amongst the few MUNs in central India to bring to delegates numerous events, which will give them an out of the world experience.

They include:

  • Speaker Series: This iteration of the Shishukunj MUN will attract eminent speakers who will give powerful speeches, challenging the delegates’ worldview to inspire action and change.

  • College Fair and Career Workshops: The Shishukunj MUN 2017 will feature an extensive college fair, giving delegates a unique opportunity to interact with several leading national and international universities. The Shishukunj MUN conference will also include engaging career workshops for its delegates.