Letter from the Committee Director

Kartik Devpura
Kartik Devpura

Committee Director

Dear Delegates,

Greetings! Welcome to Shishukunj MUN 2017. My name is Kartik Devpura, and it is a distinct pleasure to serve as your Chairperson for the Serbo-Russian War Cabinet for this Model UN Conference. Be assured, that as you engage with the various crises and political scenarios just before the First World War in this committee, you’ll be in for a surprising and exciting time.

A little about myself: I’m a class 11 student, hoping to pursue Economics and Maths as a major. I’ve been participating in Model UN Conferences for the past 3 years in one way or the other. Participating in MUNs has broadened my international vision and made me worldly-wise. Not unlike Ava in Ex-Machina. I also love to write. I own a blog, where I write about fun and interesting stuff. I am a national-level chess player and have an avid interest in reading comic books, with my favorite being Daredevil: The Man Without Fear. When I’m not writing or participating in MUNs or binging on TV shows, you can find me jamming to the latest EDM tracks.

I am confident that this year’s simulation will provide you with gripping crises and problems to deal with, and I expect great things from this committee. I’m also looking forward to how you grapple with surprising developments in 1914. Remember delegates, you have been given the chance to prevent the First World War, and end all its after-effects. Important responsibilities lie on your shoulders. The background guides will provide with an insight into the July Crisis, as well as give you a sense of your portfolio powers, but please do your own research. Knowledge is power.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at srwc@shishukunjmun.com. Until then, best of luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Kartik Devpura
Committee Director
Serbo-Russian War Cabinet, 1914

Organ Description

The Serbo-Russian War Cabinet will be set in July, 1914. The simulation will be a part of a Joint Crisis Committee, that is, it will be interwoven with the Austro-Hungarian Empire Emergency Meet which will also work in the same time frame. What this means is, the actions and decisions of one committee would affect the flow of the other.

The committee would be composed of members from various institutions of the Serbian and the Russian empire of 1914, including military generals, diplomats, and heads of intelligence agencies. You will be given individual portfolios, and through them, you can take actions in real time. This means you will have a chance to do unorthodox things in the committee and engage with powers and people outside the room.

Research and carry your wits around with you, because this committee will require your best!

Agenda: July Crisis, 1914

I am Alexander Karadordevic. You know me as your Regent. I am a Serbian man, by birth, by choice, and by aspiration. Why? Because Serbia has rightfully earned it’s place by the realm of gods, and must remain as such. And yet, there are those who try to slander us, and wage war against the might of Serbia! Amidst all our political rivals, one sticks out like a sore thumb, and though I wish not to mention them, we must acknowledge their presence, and move decisively.

All of you sit here, selected because you are this heavenly land’s best of the best. You are brave, courageous men, and hence have been chosen to represent the might of Serbia, and it’s strong ally, Russia. You represent this alliance’s interests, and must work together to solve problems and work with all those who wish to help us, and against those who attempt to harm us. A great responsibility is on your shoulders, so work wisely. I will overview your actions and take note of all who wish to betray the greater interests of Serbia of Russia. Remember you are Serbian and Russian men first, and individuals later. Your patriotism will benefit our cause greatly.

I expect you all to be fast, and intelligent in your work and take actions determinedly. I raise my cup and welcome you to the most important task you may ever perform in your life. I hope you do not disappoint.

Your Regent

Alexander Karadordevic

Note: This is an application-only continual crisis committee.

Download: Background Guide

Download: Sample Crisis Note